Peter Radowsky is the president of The Construction Company, Inc. In his 20+ years as a General Contractor–licensed in both California and New York State–he has accumulated vast practical experience in commercial and residential development, architectural design, construction, and renovation. Peter also studied architecture and art history and holds two degrees inĀ engineering.

Some of the projects he has completed include:

  • Hundreds of new single family homes, ranging from 1,500 to 15,000 square feet
  • Extensive home renovations
  • Architectural designs, plans, and permits for homes and additions in California and New York
  • Multi-family construction from 2 to 60 units
  • Condominium construction and conversions
  • Hotel construction and remodeling
  • Restaurant industry tenant improvements
  • Retail and office tenant improvements
  • Medical facilities development and construction
  • Detailed engineering studies