Apartment Rehab

Apartment Rehab Inc., a division of The Construction Company, specializes in the unique needs of apartment owners and managers.  Rehabbing apartments may be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint and cleaning the carpets, improving the grounds, updating the parking facilities, or it could entail a complete remodel of the apartments and common spaces.  While painting and cleaning are simple enough, striking the proper balance when evaluating cost, quality, and aesthethics requires detailed analysis and planning.

The decision to remodel isn’t just a matter of making repairs or utilitarian replacements if your goal is to attract a more desired clientele and obtain higher rents.  Simple updates, done in a sensible way, can elevate perceived value of the property as a whole, as well as to prospective tenants.  However, it is important to maximize the return on investment by selecting durable, attractive products that potential clients desire and assure their proper installation for enduring reliability.  Sensible planning will go a long way to ensure long term marketability of your property and units and will allow for increased incomes on the improved buildings.

As important as the individual units are, the common areas of the building are what provide the initial impressions and are often overlooked as a means of increasing perceived value.  An updated lobby and modern amenities can increase demand and lease premiums for your property.

We can help guide you through the process by analyzing your needs and matching a design plan with your budget and long term goals.  We can execute on this plan systematically with a minimum of disruption assuring maximum continuity of income in the process.

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