Unit Remodel

Individaul unit remodeling is often part of a larger plan and if this is the case with your project we can help you develop a master plan for the renovation of your building. Master planning includes creating a budget that will define your short mid and long term financial goals for the property as well as architectural and design planning for stylistic continuity that extends from the facade, common spaces and amenities all the way through to the individual units.

Once developed this plan can be executed systematically and in an orderly fashion as tenants move out and the building is remodeled over an extended time frame.  This low intensity approach maximizes income continuity and minimizes the invasive nature of the construction.

In the case that you own a condominium unit or control several individual units, we can simply design and remodel your property independently.  Our expertise in apartment rehab and remodeling assures intimate familiarity with the special circumstances of remodeling living units within a larger structure.