Residential additions can be one of the more challenging projects to plan and build properly.  Existing homes that are found in need of extra space are typically older and in many cases were built to obsolete past standards.  The older structure needs to be reassessed to clearly understand its condition and a plan of action needs to be formulated to address any deficiencies, bring it up to current standards and prepare it for the addition.

Given the interrelating factors associated with combining new and old construction, additions require a great deal more finesse than new construction does.  The best addition is one that blends seamlessly with the existing home for a unified look and feel.

We can guide you step by step through this challenging process from inception to completion:

  • Assess Your Needs  for the New Addition
  • Compose a Budget Plan
  • Inspect the Existing Structure to Identify Deficiencies That Require Attention
  • Generate Architectural Renderings to Assist in the Planning Process
  • Generate Architectural and Structural Plans for Permitting and Construction
  • Secure all Necessary Permits
  • Construct the New Addition and Remodel the Pertinent Sections of the Existing Structure
  • Obtain Inspections and Certificate of Occupancy

Our experience and expertise will help you make your project as fast, simple and pain free as possible.